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Backup Policy

ThenMedia takes daily backups of your website data and maintains a redundancy clone of your system infrastructure. Your backups are stored on Synology RAID enclosures and specialist backup hardware. They are located at the data-centre in London and at our offices in Cheshire. Backup data is only accessible by ThenMedia staff. Engineers at the data-centre do have access to parts of our infrastructure but not to your data.

Our backup system has three components:

1. System Clone: Your ThenMedia website & CMS will be periodically cloned as system developments demand. This allows a recent version of your website framework and data to be brought back online quickly following a significant hardware failure. The clone runs on a separate SAN.

2. Your Standalone Files Files such as word documents, images and PDF documents are backed up for the purposes of disaster recovery only. If they are removed or updated, old versions are immediately deleted from our backup inline with our GDPR policy. It is vital that copies of images and documents uploaded to our CMS are also stored locally on your internal network.

3. Your Website Database Your ThenMedia Cloud maintains a database of all website data including navigation hierarchy, templates, page content, users and form submissions. We keep daily copies of your website database for 30 days. We then keep a copy of the database from each of the previous 12 months.

Bear in mind that the database itself is stored in a bespoke encrypted format and therefore cannot be transferred in full to yourself or any third party. However parts of this backup can be restored from any available save point back to your live project if required. Depending on the amount of data to be restored there may be a small administrative fee required for this operation.

Backup Liability

We take every care to ensure that your data is stored safely and securely. We use professional hardware and employ multiple layers of redundancy. However, ThenMedia Limited accepts no liability for any losses incurred through loss of data.

We recommend that customers use website ripping software to store local copies of their HTML pages, images and stylesheets. We also recommend that copies of files uploaded to our CMS are stored locally on your internal network.

For more information on how we manage and protect your data, please email or alternatively phone 01244 478727.

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