The new website is up and running on the ThenMedia system now so I thought to let you know what we will be doing to get SEO under way and to improve your website ranking in search results.

Baseline Audits

First we run a full technical audit of the website to flag up any technical issues (page load times, image sizes etc). We use several pieces of software for tech audits and cross-check results, usually fixing problems as we come across them.

Another SEO audit flags up any ranking issues (duplicate titles, descriptions, missing tags etc). There can be lots of problems with a website that has not had much SEO work done in the past. We prioritise critical issues and deal with them page by page.

The audits are combined to produce a % Audit Score for the whole site. We aim for 90%+ score at first and eventually 100%, although this can take some time to achieve.

Project Setup

Your website will be registered on our dedicated SEO software and linked to data sources such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics. If these are not yet available then there is usually some extra setup work involved.

We establish a list of keywords search terms for which the website needs to rank well in Google results. The keywords come from various sources — the client, the website, published data on search term volumes, competitiveness, density in results and so on. This keyword list is crucial to tracking website performance and will be tweaked several times.

We compile a list of competitors (rival websites that rank particularly well on the established keywords). Competitor site details are added to the software to establish a Visibility index — a general measure of how well the client website is performing over time against competitor sites.

To better understand performance, we measure general background volatility of search results for the internet as a whole, by sector and for individual client sites.

Site visitor behaviour is tracked through ThenMedia's own tracking code and/or Google Analytics. We track site visits numbers, landing pages, platforms,, page routes, exit pages and much more to better understand how visitors are using the website


Once our software gathers enough data we produce a detailed Baseline report, outlining the main problems and proposing targeted solution.

Thereafter we produce a brief monthly for each client website. covering Visibility, Visitors and Volatility.

A further detailed report is produced every 90 days or so detailing website health, visibility and performance over the 90 days. The report includes a log of SEO work carried out by ThenMedia, detailed figures on site performance and recommendations for further work to improve website ranking.

Ranking well in Google is never easy given continual changes in search algorithms and fierce competition for the top places on high volume search terms. However, we are confident our SEO expertise will bring about higher ranking for client websites and long term improvement in visitor numbers.

So, your first report will be an initial Baseline Audit and some suggestions on initial keyword and competitor listings. Once the website has been properly configured and bedded into our SEO software systems we can begin regular work and reporting.

I am currently at the setup stage and formulating provisional keyword and competitor lists which I will post to you shortly. You can expect the initial Baseline Report early next month.


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