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It seemed appropriate on Valentine's Day to remind potential customers why they would love owning a CentrePointCMS website.

A CentrePointCMS business website is our flagship product and represents years of experience working with optimised eye-catching websites. We've launched almost seventy websites in the last few years and the business is growing faster than ever before.

With CentrePointCMS you don't have to worry about having to style everything up yourself, as our design team create bespoke templates for each section of your website. You and your staff can sign in and add a new page to your website in seconds, knowing that it will automatically take on the style of your existing design and slip seamlessly into the navigation system.

We even integrate your social networking with a matching Facebook page and Twitter feed. With Loudhailer content from your website is automatically added to Facebook and Twitter giving you a full suite of active social networks — all from the comfort of our cloud. Which, as we might have mentioned, is frighteningly easy to use!

If you haven't quite fallen in love with us yet, check out the features below:

  • Create and edit pages on your ThenMedia website
  • Easily manage articles on a blog or news section
  • Upload/edit unlimited images
  • Upload videos (YouTube/Vimeo/direct upload)
  • Moderate and publish user comments/guestbook posts/testimonials
  • Publish an online calendar
  • Store public/private documents
  • Maintain a customer database
  • Monitor website hits/unique visits/user-statistics
  • Monitor your optimisation campaigns
  • Manage an online shop
  • Manage your contracts and invoices

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