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ThenMedia have launched LoudHailer, a new and exciting add-on to our cloud system (CentrePointCMS). LoudHailer is designed to help our customers make the best use of Social Networks.

Websites like Facebook and Twitter have become powerful business tools allowing you to reach a far wider audience. However, keeping these networks up-to-date can be a time consuming process.

ThenMeda Loudhailer integrates into your existing cloud based website and allows you to quickly post your exiting website content to Twitter and Facebook without having to sign into their sometimes complicated control panels.

If you signup for Loudhailer we will create Facebook and Twitter pages for you, and explain exactly how to use Loudhailer to get the most out of your social networks. At this stage Loudhailer support Facebook and Twitter, but as additional social networks become available they will be added to your Loudhailer free of charge.

Accessing the loudhailer system costs £9 per month + VAT, there is no minimum contract. If you already have Twitter or Facebook, loudhailer can be integrated into these pages. If not, we will happily create them for you as part of the sign up process. Read more on the LoudHailer page.


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