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Over the last few days, Facebook has been rolling out a new feature on their social network; the hashtag.

Much like on Twitter, Facebook users can use the hashtag to make a certain word or phrase clickable and searchable, enabling users to follow specific topics of conversation within the social network's ever-changing stream of user comments.

As part of our ongoing upgrades, this feature has now been built into the Loudhailer, ThenMedia's tool for posting on Facebook and Twitter.

All you need to do is append the hashtag symbol (#) before any word or phrase in your post. Please remember, as with Twitter, if you are tagging a phrase, you can't use spaces or any punctuation. For example:

This will be sent with no problems.

#i will not work or #iwon'twork
The first example will only make #i a tag.
The second example will only make #iwon a tag.

If you have any questions regarding the hashtag or the Loudhailer, please contact Tobias Newman at tobias.newman@thenmedia.co.uk


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